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HR and payroll support including:

- payroll services;
- calculation of payroll charges (Social Security, Personal Income Tax returns) in line with the valid Polish legal regulations including Labor Fund and Social Fund;
- calculation of sickness allowance, vacation allowance, leave accrual rates and termination benefits;
- preparation of returns and reports for Main Statistical Office, Tax, Office, Social Security Institution and PFRON (National Rehabilitation Fund);
- determining paid leave quotas (days earned, days due, balance);
- detailed reports in line with Polish law requirements (among others, to the Social Security Institution, Tax Office, Main Statistical Office) and individual needs of our clients;
- reviews of payroll documentation;
- maintaining and update of employees’ personal files;
- registering of employees in the Social Security Institution;
- preparing HR documents, among others employment contracts, employment certificates, annexes to contracts;
- determining vacation quotas and maintaining of leave records;
- monitoring medical certificates validity and providing requests for initial and periodic tests for employees;
- monitoring validity of OSH training certificates;
- employee service including: employment certificates, salary certificates;
- personal file reviews;
- reporting in line with the client’s requirements;
- client representation before competent authorities during inspection. 

HR and payroll services for foreign entities employing professionals in Poland (English service).

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