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Forbiznes Audyt - Libsz Kępka Zielińska - biegli rewidenci’ Partnership is a member of IEC international independent network of accountants, auditors and tax advisors.

At present, IEC includes 65 companies operating on the five continents, over 1,400 employees and 220 partners.

With over twenty years of presence on the international market, IEC is a rapidly growing, proactive network organizing regular meetings for its partners and employees, which provide an opportunity for exchange of experiences and ideas. IEC supports its associates through a daily updated website, intranet allowing exchange of business contacts and information regarding potential clients, activities of the management board and support committees.
The objective of IEC is not only to hold its position among the most productive international organizations, but also to win the highest appreciation of both competitors and clients.

The objective of IEC is supported by its membership in the Forum of Firms (FoF), an organization uniting international networks of audit firms with the aim to promote consistent and most rigorous quality standards of financial reporting and audit.
IEC members who through its membership are also FoF members have confirmed that their policies and methodologies regarding international audits are based on International Standards of Auditing and that they have complied with IFAC Code of Ethics and with ethical standards adopted in their countries of residence, and that they have developed relevant quality assurance standards as required by the International Standard on Quality Control to complete the local requirements.
As at January 2015, IEC is among 27 full FoF members.

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